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Changing the Economics of Desalination AGAINOct 22, 2018



LG Chem, the supplier of the full line of NanoHO™ reverse osmosis membranes, proudly introduces LG SW G2 membranes. With the enhanced Thin Film Nanocomposite (TFN) technology, the next generation SWRO membranes have achieved record breaking 99.89% rejection. By improving the product quality up to 45% compared with the conventional technology, LG SW G2 membranes can significantly reduce the cost of desalination. Please contact local representatives to discover the value LG SW G2 membranes can bring to your desalination project.


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LG SW 400 SR G2


LG SW 440 SR G2


LG SW 400 GR G2


LG SW 440 GR G2


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