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Residential Reverse Osmosis (TWRO) Membranes

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LG Chem’s NanoH2O™ RO membranes for residential water treatment are US-patented and NSF-certified to produce healthy, clean water. LG is world-renown for quality products. Our membranes deliver reliability and quality to customers around the world.
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Product Permeate Flow Rate Minimum Salt Rejection Stabilized Salt Rejection Data Sheets
gpd % %
LG TWRO-1812-50 65 97 98 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-1812-80 100 97 98 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-1812-100 120 97 98 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-2012-150 160 97 98 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-3012-500 500 96 97 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-3012-600 600 96 97 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-3012-700 700 96 97 Data Sheet