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Residential Reverse Osmosis (TWRO) Membranes

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LG Chem’s NanoH2O™ RO membranes for residential water treatment are US-patented and NSF-certified to produce healthy, clean water. LG is world-renown for quality products. Our membranes deliver reliability and quality to customers around the world.
Anti-Counterfeit Features

7 Ways to Verify LG Chem’s NanoH2O™ Residential RO Authenticity

At LG Chem, we are dedicated to delivering secure, high-quality, genuine products to every customer around the world. We have completely redesigned LG Chem's lineup of NanoH2O™ residential reverse osmosis elements to incorporate multiple security features, guaranteeing authenticity and peace of mind for our customers.

By employing these features, we can confirm the LG Chem products you have purchased are authentic and will conform to our stringent standards for reliability and quality. LG Chem is known and trusted around the world for our commitment to innovation and quality and we continue taking steps to ensure the products we make exceed the expectations of our clientele.

Anti-Counterfeit Features Anti-Counterfeit Features
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Product Permeate Flow Rate Minimum Salt Rejection Stabilized Salt Rejection Data Sheets
gpd % %
LG TWRO-1812-50 65 97 98 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-1812-80 100 97 98 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-1812-100 120 97 98 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-2012-150 160 97 98 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-3012-500 500 96 97 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-3012-600 600 96 97 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-3012-700 700 96 97 Data Sheet
LG TWRO-3013-400 400 96 97 Data Sheet