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Projection Software (Q+)
RO system design software to predict membrane performance

* This menu is only available in PC.

Important Notes:

For users who previously installed Q+ version 2.3 on their system, an auto-update will occur when you open Q+. Please note that before starting the auto-update, you must follow the steps below:

  • 1. Right click on Q+version 2.3 icon (on desktop) and select "Properties"
  • 2. The "Properties" window will pop up
  • 3. Under "Compatibility", select "Run the program as an administrator"

After Q+ version 2.4 is installed:

  • 1. Click on "File" in Q+
  • 2. Click on "Reset Program"
Q+ Version 2.4 for Windows Q+ Version 2.4 for Mac Mac Installation Procedure Q+ Software Tutorial
QSee Normalization Software
Web-based tool for normalization and visualization of operating data
QSee Website QSee Introduction QSee Tutorial
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