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RO Membranes and Technical Services for the Desalination Market

Desalination is widely viewed as a critical component in meeting our global water demand for fresh water. Reducing energy consumption in desalination plants can be as paramount as meeting WHO guidelines for boron. Seawater desalination in now being considered for use in oil production in fresh water scarce regions.

LG Water Solutions seawater membranes were developed to have the highest rejection for boron yet can also reduce a desalination plant’s energy consumption.

LG SW 400 R elements give high sustainable rejection of dissolved salts and boron

LG SW 400 ES elements provide high rejection of dissolved salts at lower operating pressures and can maintain high flow even at low temperatures

LG Qsee normalization software can help our customers identify performance issues and determine when to clean their RO elements

LG Technical Support Team can provide seminars and onsite training for operation optimization