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RO Membranes and Technical Services for the Food and Beverage Market

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Water is an essential resource for the food and beverage industry. More and more F&B companies have goals to reduce their water footprint as part of their social responsibility initiatives. Process water reuse and wastewater minimization are directly linked to energy conservation.

LG Water Solutions membranes are used in the F&B industry for the following applications:

  • Bottled water
  • Syrup blending
  • Flavor production
  • Boiler feed for steam production
  • Dairy and cheese making
  • Coffee and tea production

LG BW 400 ES and BW 400 UES elements can maintain high flow even in cold temperatures

LG Qsee normalization software can help our customers identify performance issues and determine when to clean their RO elements

LG Technical Support Team can provide seminars and onsite training for operation optimization