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power generation
Meeting stringent air pollution regulations for SOx, NOx, and mercury is just one of the challenges facing the Power Industry. High pressure boilers require high purity water with low TDS, silica, iron, hardness and alkalinity. Cooling towers require large volumes of treated water and high purity water makeup can substantially reduce cooling tower blowdown volumes.

LG Water Solutions RO membranes are used to deliver high purity water for:

  • Boiler feed for steam generation
  • Cooling tower makeup water
  • FGD process makeup water
  • Treatment of cooling tower blowdown
  • Condensate polishing
  • NOx cooling water

LG BW 400 R elements give high sustainable rejection of dissolved salts

LG BW 400 ES elements provide high rejection of dissolved salts at lower operating pressures and can maintain high flow even at low temperatures

LG Qsee normalization software can help our customers identify performance issues and determine when to clean their RO elements

LG Technical Support Team can provide seminars and onsite training for operation optimization