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Top Performing LG Antifouling BWRO Product Portfolio for the Wastewater ReuseMar 24, 2020
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June. 2020

Top Performing
LG Antifouling BWRO Product Portfolio
for the Wastewater Reuse

Developed from the essence of innovative Thin Film Nanocomposite (TFN) technology, LG Antifouling BWRO product portfolio provides superior performance along with intrinsic anti-fouling properties that are suitable for wastewater reuse applications with challenging feed water.

LG BW 400 R G2, LG BW 400 R Dura, LG BW 400 AFR G2 and LG BW 400 AFR membranes offer a combination of enhanced fouling resistance, high rejection and flow, superior durability and reduced total cost of ownership. The membranes are equipped with anti-fouling, low dP state-of-the-art feed spacer technology which can greatly reduce differential pressure and cleaning frequency.

Along with our existing products, LG BW 400 R G2, LG BW 400 R Dura and LG BW 400 AFR we also proudly introduce our new LG BW 400 AFR G2 RO membranes. With excellent fouling resistance and rejection, LG BW 400 AFR G2 demonstrates reduced energy and water consumption while producing higher quality water in wastewater and other high fouling feed water applications.

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